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Skin Tag and Wart Removal System – Does it work?

All Natural- Skin Tag & Wart Removal Remedies That Work

skin tag and wart removalIf you have unsightly moles, warts or skin tags and you want to get rid of them, but avoid the painful and expensive surgical methods normally used,  there  are some excellent all natural  treatments available that effectively remove warts, moles and  skin tags.

I know how embarrassing and  uncomfortable unsightly skin marks can be, however you  now can get rid of those ugly and annoying planter warts, moles, and skin tags.  The best part it can be done in an all natural way and at a very low cost.

If you’re like me though, you wonder if any of these products  “really work?”   Well, I hope the following information  will help answer your questions and  get you comfortable about trying one of these products to get rid of those embarrassing skin tags or other unsightly skin marks.

First product is called “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal.

If you want to go directly to the company’s direct site click on this link:

This product will help you:

  • Free your skin from moles, warts, and skin tags all in the privacy of your own home without the need for any prescriptions from a doctor.
  • You will not have to change your schedule in order to be on time for expensive appointments because you will no longer be dependent on a doctor or any other time frame.
  • You’ll experience permanent results without any side effects because all of the methods used by Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal are 100% natural, have been tested on thousands of people and are guaranteed to work or your money back.
  • Stop your skin problems at the source.
  • Get instant access to the author’s natural removal remedies that will leave your skin undamaged and with no scars at all.
  • Receive proven treatments that are suitable for all skin types because your skin will be regenerated from the inside out so you won’t have any compatibility issues.
  • And finally, you will be left with healthy and clear skin for life.

Second product is called “Revitol Skin Tag Removal“. 

You may have seen this product highlighted on CNN, Fox News or MSNBC.  It specifically targets the removal of skin tags.According to the company’s marketing material it:

  • Works on all Skin Types
  • Leaves No Scarring
  • is All Natural – No Chemicals
  • is a Homeopathic – Topical Remedy

There are several testimonies of satisfied customers and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They also have a free bottle offer.  Revitol’s Skin Tag Remover removes skin tags the all-natural way with a special formula that contains natural plant extracts and the active ingredient Thujaoccidentalis – a pure essential oil recognized for its tag-removing properties.

You want to go directly to the company’s order page click the link below:

Visit Revitol Skin Tag Removal Page Here

Third product is called “DERMATEND“ 

This may be the most powerful and effective product.  There is a very good video available that explains this product in detail.  It is short and very informative.  It is worth the few minutes to watch!

Watch the DERMATEND Informational Video Here

All of these products are effective.  They each have several personal testimonies on their websites.  The best part is finally getting rid those unsightly and embarrassing moles, skin tags and warts. It is definitely worth trying out if you’re like I was with several skin tags that were a nuisance and unsightly and it really was inexpensive.


Visit Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal™ Product Page Here

How to get rid of planters warts

PLANTERS WARTS – can you get rid of them?

The real question is, how to get rid of planters warts? If you have plantars warts you know how annoying and painful they can be.   You also, know they can be difficult to get rid of.  Plantars warts are one of 5 varieties of warts.  Warts are caused by the HPV virus that infects the top layer of skin. The most common place for warts are on the hands and for planters warts on the soles of your feet as seen in the picture below.  Plantar warts are very uncomfortable since they tend to grow quite big.  So, how do you get rid of planters warts?  There are several options for removing warts and include the following:

Click here for information on an all natural wart removal product.

Medical and Surgical Remedies to get rid of planters wart-

Use cryotherapy. Similar to home remedies, doctor-administered cryotherapy works by freezing the wart off, only with liquid nitrogen.

  • The nitrogen freeze-burns the skin, causing it to blister, then slough off after about a week. It’s not without some pain, both in the application of the nitrogen, and in the subsequent blisters, but it can be a very effective solution.

Try laser treatments. These precisely-targeted lasers will cauterize the capillaries carrying blood to the wart, starving it and causing it to die. It can be painful and even scarring, but has a good chance of destroying the wart.

Use imiquimod. This is a prescription cream that triggers your body to release proteins (cytokines) that will attack HPV.

  • Imiquimod can cause severe inflammation and tissue damage near the wart, and should be discontinued if that occurs.

Use cantharidin. This is similar to the salicylic method above, only with the addition of cantharidin, which is a substance extracted from a blister beetle.

  • A mixture of salicylic acid and cantharidin is applied to the wart, and covered with a bandage. In about a week, the doctor will remove the dead part of the wart. This method also involves a bit of pain from the blister.

Try immunotherapy. For really stubborn warts, your physician may try immunotherapy, or getting your body’s immune defenses assigned to attacking your wart.

  • Injecting interferon into the wart triggers an immune system response that will “reject” the wart. You may experience flu-like systems for a few hours after treatment.
  • Injecting an antigen (commonly, mumps antigens) will similarly trigger an immune response that will kill the wart.

Surgery is often recommended to remove planter warts. However, it can be expensive and after removing warts by surgery because of the cutting that is done you often are unable to walk on the foot for a week. The cut is usually quite deep and often very painful.  Not all surgery is successful because the warts often return.

Consequently more people are looking for all natural, non surgical home remedies.


An all natural treatment system option may be the best option for many.  For me it definitely was and the one that  finally worked.  It was inexpensive, done in my home, used only natural ingredients and it was easy to do.  It did take several days for it to entirely heal up but there were no scars. It is worth checking out if you are suffering from any skin marks – tags, moles or warts.

There are several plantar wart removal methods to choose from but  most of them are traditional and the ones  most often selected.  Sometimes warts will go away by themselves as your body’s natural immunity rejects the HPV virus. However, if your wart is getting bigger or if it’s  particularly bothersome then you should treat it a.s.a.p. In addition  warts are contagious and can spread on your own body as well as to other people you have contact    with.    If you are like me and don’t really like going to the doctor and  want to avoid surgery an all natural nonsurgical system may be for you.         

You can click here for detailed information.

I encourage to browse the rest of this site for info on a couple of other products that work in getting rid of warts and other skin marks.  One of the products is very effective on removing skin tags!

How To Get Rid of Planters Warts Naturally – Review

*This is a review, click here if you want to see the product site.*

All Natural Non-Surgical Wart Removal System

Deciding how to get rid of planters warts can often times be confusing and overwhelming. After all there are all kinds of medical options and a myriad of home remedies available for wart removal. Which one do you chose? After all many wart remedies are do not work effectively and others can be painful and expensive.

If you are suffering with planters warts or moles or tags that are embarrassing or painful there is an all natural non-surgical system available that has helped thousands of people successfully get rid of their warts.

The only option that works as well as this treatment is surgery. Which is expensive and can be painful.  With surgery, the doctor uses a scalpel to cut out the warts followed by the wound being sutured when the size of incision warrants it.  Pain is often associated with this procedure and is generally alleviated by pain killers. Some scarring may occur. The cost for this kind of treatment ranges from $150 to $400 per wart. Then you are faced with the chance of the wart coming back which then can cause additional scarring and discomfort.  Not an option that I that appealed to me!

I have had various skin marks removed and if you are like me I would do anything to avoid surgery. The option of dealing with planters warts in a non-surgical treatment was and is very appealing. The best part is it is inexpensive and works.

You can see the details of this amazing treatment – just click here

There are many options available to you to get rid of your planters warts.  Choosing the right treatment for you is important.  Plantar warts  can be especially difficult and are known to persistently come back when treated the wrong way.

The success of this all natural non-surgical treatment to remove warts, moles and other skin marks has proven to be successful.  It is a suitable treatment for all skin types and leaves skin undamaged and without scars. It is worth checking out and seeing if it is right for you.  When I look at the  success it has and the relative low cost it really was a no brainer for me.

Check it out here – You can find out all the details as well as several incredible testimonies.

How To Get Rid Warts, Moles and Skin Tags

For anyone suffering from planters warts the obvious question is  ”How To Get Rid of the Planters Warts’?  The best option for removing planters warts may not be the typical remedy.  Having visible unsightly warts can be embarrassing and sometimes wart removal can be difficult.  In addition, the process of removing warts surgically or the use of other wart treatment can be expensive and painful and planters warts are the most difficult to treat successfully.

How to get rid of planters warts?

The real question for many is, “Is there  truly a natural and  effective way of how to get rid of planters warts?”.

Wart removal can be done with expensive surgery and other painful processes.  Many people choose these methods for treatment of warts.  However, there is an alternative way to cure warts that is all natural, inexpensive, and effective.  It is a remedy for warts that could be life changing for many.

There is no question a person can use one of the many traditional ways of treating warts and other skin marks but using a natural and safe  wart removal system can be a welcome alternative, an option worth considering.

If you’re like me and want to avoid the expense of surgery or having to go to a doctor then you’re going to want to seriously consider the all natural option. It is  an inexpensive alternative that has been successfully used by many in getting rid warts and other skin tags..

How to get rid of planters warts is an important question for anybody who  is suffering with them.  For me the I best option for treating planters warts and my other skin tags was the all natural non-surgical method. Many people have successfully used natural wart removal systems to  safely cure warts.

Hopefully this information will help you with your decision and choice of treatment for warts.

Here’s to your health


Wart Removal System Review
Dr. Charles Davidson MD claims his system will get rid of planters warts as well as any other kinds of warts, moles or skin tags – fast and without using dangerous, toxic chemicals.

Dr. Davidson creator of this system goes through an extensive explanation of how planters warts and other skin marks occur and different types of treatments. He shares his own experience with warts and how that inspired him to the discovery of this all natural non-surgically wart removal system including moles, skin tags and even planters warts.

He begins by sharing of his own experiences with warts and what treatments he used and the challenges and effect they had

He then briefly outlines how he developed this remedy and where the idea came from, he also describes the basics of the treatment and how effective it was on removal of his warts.

He finally begins to give the full step by step explanation of this treatment and how to apply it to warts. He gives you a detailed explanation of what to do, how to do it and what supplies you’ll need for this treatment – nothing is left out.

He then deals with how the system works on moles and other skin tags. He gives helpful insights on difficult to remove warts including genital warts and planters warts. He also includes frequently asked questions and a glossary

Anyone suffering planters warts or other skin marks knows the true meaning of the word embarrassment. Once again Dr. Davidson provides easy to understand, step-by-step instruction of how to get rid of planters warts and other skin marks.

Click here to visit “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal” site!

Negatives about “Moles, Warts And Skin tags Removal” system

First, in Dr. Davidson’s written explanations and insightful revelations for removing warts and other skin marks I was surprised at the number of grammatical errors, ( probably more than on this website), I realize sometimes people write in a hurry and make mistakes but, this is a paid product and someone should have really proofed before releasing it.

Second, some of the pictures seemed to be professionally modeled. I would have preferred actual pictures. Just my observation.

Positives about “Moles, Warts And Skin tags Removal” System.

1. The system does work fast, not always in 3 days – that’s an obvious sales pitch. However you will notice marked improvement very quickly. The total removal depends on many things – the size, location etc

2. The system is quality. The ingredients recommended are known to work for these kind of skin marks,.

3. One of the impressive things to me was how low cost the system was.

4. The treatment is 100% natural, with absolutely no use of harmful, artificial chemicals,..

5. The last positive in all this is that it is guaranteed for 60 days – full money back.

Get Immediate Access to ”Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal” Click Here!

Review Conclusion

Does Dr Charles Davidson‘s system on how to get rid of planters warts, moles, and other skin marks really work? His treatment uses medically tested procedures and proper ingredients that have proven themselves to work and it is actually very, very affordable

If you are suffering with planters warts or other skin marks and want to avoid surgery I Highly Recommend this all natural option!
Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal



Does It Really Work?